Walking Away

Walking Away

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Celebrating a life

Tomorrow is the day I'll celebrate the life of Rita and say goodbye. She was an amazing woman, listened to me without judging and gave good advice. I told her things I've never told anyone before. When she talked about first meeting her husband and the fun that had together, I marvelled in the love and respect they held for each other. She was outspoken, excellent company and I'll miss her. Heaven's gain, my loss.

Monday, 14 November 2011

I'm reading....

Finished reading Julian Barnes, The Sense of an Ending, really enjoyed it. I think its a clever little book well worthy of winning the Man Booker prize. I'm now reading Margaret Drabble's The Seven Sisters. I need to stop downloading books from Amazon on to my Kindle and read them all.
Sunday was the last week of Nik Perrings Flashfiction course. I feel as if I've learnt a great deal and I was delighted when Nik said my writing has improved. Wont win the Bridport prize just yet but I'm going to continue to try :)
Decided today that Winter will not start until the second week of January. I feel so much better all ready, think you call it positive thinking. This friday I have a day off work so am going to spend it Christmas shopping as every weekend leading up to Christmas I seem to be busy.   

Things I like

  • Writing
  • Wit
  • Voltaire's Candide
  • Theatre
  • Shoes
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  • Laughter
  • Coleslaw
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