Walking Away

Walking Away

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Merry Christmas Everyone......

Christmas Day was really lovely this year. My parents, daughter and her partner and their two and a half year old son spent the day with us. Mr T cooked a fantastic lunch and in the afternoon we all went to see my sister at the nursing home where she now lives and her son was visiting too. Later on we spoke to my son and his fiancĂ©e on Skype, they are living in Poland.

My Dad who has just been diagnosed with Alzheimer's  said he would remember this Christmas for ever. I'm not sure he will remember much of it this morning. My lovely sister has a terminal illness and has problems with her short term memory so I'm sure she will not remember we all visited yesterday but I felt so happy and privileged to be with four generations of my family.

I have a canvas of a photo of myself aged about 10 with my sister and our parents feeding the pigeons in Trafalgar Square, London. (Fifty years ago :) I look at it most days and count my blessings. My son gave it to me knowing how much I loved the original photo.

This is a photo of me wondering if my head will fit the Christmas paper hat :) 
Happy Christmas everyone and wishing you all a very prosperous NEW YEAR .

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

March Fracture

Last Thursday my left foot was strapped upright whilst I lay flat and motionless on a trolley being scanned by a MRI machine. As its very noisy I was given thick ear muffs to wear and fortunately I went foot first into the machine so I didn't have to face claustrophobia. I think I may even have fallen asleep as the radiologist said "You okay, its finished?" Amazing how you can relax in the most weird situations. Oh and they ask if you have metal in your body and are especially worried about sheet metal workers and insist on them having eye checks in case of metal particles being ripped from the eyes. Now that is a horrifying thought!

Today I went to the Fracture clinic to get the results but the report wasn't ready so two consultants and one doctor looked at the scan and decided I have a March Fracture, (a toe fracture to us non trauma specialists) so called because soldiers suffer from them. I do a lot of marching around at work.

I couldn't hold back my glee as I was beginning to think the pain in my foot was all my head because for the last 6 weeks it was only less painful than when I went to the Accident and Emergency department. The Doctor looked at me as if I was demented but agreed a diagnosis was a good thing. I've heard stress which I have a fair bit in my life at the moment can materialize in other parts of the body. All my friends have been telling me I'm daft to think there wasn't a real injury.

I'm to wear the Beckham Boot for another three weeks and go back to the Clinic on New Years Eve, hopefully I'm be seeing the New Year in bootless. I'll keep you posted :)

Saturday, 9 November 2013

The Beckham Boot

After presenting myself twice at the local Accident and Emergency Department (A&E)  at the local hospital I was sent to see a trauma consultant at the fracture clinic. Following on from the A&E doctor saying "Stella come and look at the X-Ray its exciting" and me nearly fainting because of extra bone laid down around my big toe which turned out not to be exciting because that happens routinely due to arthritis but a black line at the base of my toe! To be fair the excellent A&E doctor smiled and said "Not that exciting" when she saw my shocked face.

The very professional trauma consultant decided I need a MRI scan to properly show what's happening, a consultation with a foot and ankle specialist and to see the podiatry department. Whilst all this is in the pipeline I'm to wear a leg brace / boot.

What made me smile was the consultant first thought was to plaster my foot then he said no a boot might be better. Looking at me he said "its not very fashionable you know"  I've just had my 60th birthday and in my wildest dreams I'm no Kate Moss :)

It's been three weeks now, one week wearing the boot. I'm back at work, trying to sit more and doing 2 hours less a day. It's better than it was but still hurts. I was really feeling sorry for myself  think it was the daytime TV I was watching constantly and not getting out to walk. It's so easy to become self centred and not count your blessings.

One blessing is the NHS its something we should all be very proud of. It has its failings and that is being addressed but I've always said when you urgently need medical care you receive it. I'm happy to continue to wear this boot till my non urgent appointment comes through for the MRI. Only hope its soon because this Beckham boot has an open toe and it might snow!!       :)

Saturday, 19 October 2013

It will be FINE TOMORROW.....

Yesterday at work I was hobbling all day with my left foot not being able to bear weight. (Not sure if I've used the correct bare!) The day before  I had a slight niggling pain in the calf, nothing to fret about. Leaving work I always walk to my parents home where my car is parked but this time I leapt in a taxi because I just couldn't walk. I was able to drive home as my car is an automatic and you only use your right foot.

The foot looks perfectly normal today, the slight swelling has gone down but it still hurts to put weight on it. Everyone has asked if I've gone over on it, injured it somehow but I haven't. Then Mr T reminded me that on Tuesday I had been called out of work, my lovely sister had fallen at home and couldn't get herself up. With the help of one of her neighbours I had hoisted her up back on the settee. So hopefully I've sprained something and by Monday morning all will be well.

This is a big lesson for me from the Gods because I now know its no fun not being able to walk. Missed lunch out with friends and that's not fun either. :)         

Sunday, 1 September 2013


Nearly missed my story Phoenix http://t.co/clxPlZdl9i . I was so excited when John Zero said it was being included in 101 Fiction and forgot it was going online on 1st September 2013. John asked me to edit the original one I sent in and gave me pointers so I could better edit the edited version :) Thanks John for all your encouragement.

Had fun writing this in 100 words and a 1 word title. I'm wondering if readers think there are two characters the Monster and the Husband or like me think they are facets of just one character. Whatever you think is right. :)

Thursday, 15 August 2013

The Value of Money or Not........

Bought amazing Salter scales from Asda today. Shows your weight, body fat, body water and BMI, only £5 with a 15 year guarantee. I'm now drinking water, eating less and planning to go to the Gym on Sunday morning. As one of my friends said "Truly amazing if they get YOU to go to the gym"
I pay gym membership religiously every month but haven't been for years. Bit like calling myself a member of the Church of England but never turning up.

Just cleansed my face & applied Boots number 7 Day Cream, first time I've bought grown up face cream (£23) problem is a) its night time b) I'm 60.... thinking this might be a little too late :)

I pay over £300 for a yearly car parking permit to park at my place of work but always park on my parents drive and walk the short distance to work. There seems to be a pattern forming here. Answers on a postcard please no prizes offered though. All my money is going out to places I don't use :)

Monday, 5 August 2013

The Graveyard......

In a corner of the graveyard I watch a man silently weeping. I draw near. I know him, I have never seen him cry before. He is strong and dependable. I wrap my arms around him and he shivers. It's like a cool wind has wrapped around him. His skin feels cold to the touch. In the distance standing around an opened grave I see people I recognise, it’s my family. I leave my lover; I don’t want them to see us together. I look down at the coffin in the grave and read the name on the bronze plaque. Now I shiver and know why I see dead people. 

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Back from Morecambe

Returned from 4 days in Morecambe staying at the splendid home of my friend Sal. Weather wasn't perfect but that didn't stop us visiting Arnside  and Grange over Sands.
Arnside has a bore, quicksand, nice gift shops and tea rooms. I was sure I was going to disappear into quicksand when I walked on the grassy part of Arnside's beach but then I am a Drama Queen.

Grange has a long promenade with lots of benches that bear plaques. Some after reading made us want to ask questions or make up stories. We had a lovely lunch whilst the rain came down in torrents.

Had afternoon tea at The Midland Hotel, Morecambe, fabulous food sitting on the sun terrace looking over the jetty. Bought souvenirs for the family. 

I read Sal's novel and can't understand why it hasn't been picked up by an agent. It's well written and a great story. All in all 5* holiday. Thanks Sal.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Flash Mob

Here is a link to Flash Mob.... tomorrow I'll find out if the story 'Rise and Fall' on this blog is a winner. Love it to be but I think it probably won't as its an international competition attracting lots of entries

Flash-fiction Day, this year is on 22nd June, please read all the little amazing stories.
http://t.co/7lv636z45q   My story 'The Chair' will be on at 9am

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Rise and Fall

A story I have written for International Flash Fiction day.

Rise and Fall 

At last the blood has gone. I’ve scrubbed myself raw to get rid of the last remnants of you off my skin. I slather on copious amounts of body lotion, breathe in the heady perfume. I’ve always thought it would happen. One of us would fall and the other rise.  But just not like this. 

I’ve always envied you. You wearing the latest fashions, coming first in every exam, in every race.  My father looking at you in the way he shouldn’t. He’d always look around to see if anyone had clocked him. I always did. It wasn’t your fault that I was a bit slow, a bit plain and to be fair you were always nice to me, letting me wear your clothes in secret.  

When you moved in next door, just the two of you, I used to think that maybe we could be friends one day. Go out arm in arm laughing and joking together like friends do. But no my father saw to that with his looks and innuendoes. His decision to marry your mother put paid to that, his bad judgements always ruined things.  

My shins hurt where you kicked me. My arms hurting, where you tried to restrain me. The bruises are beginning to show. When I call the police they are going to take photos of my bloodshot eye and my bleeding nose and all the marks you inflicted on me. 

They are going to ask me lots of probing questions. I’ve rehearsed my answers over and over again. I have to convince them. The body, lifeless in the corner, the bread knife sticking out at an odd angle. What will I tell you Step sister? How will I explain about your mother’s cruelty? 


Thursday, 6 June 2013

Maybe I am a writer ????

I'm still in shock. Received an e-mail telling me my flash-fiction 'Penitence' is going to be published in the NFFD 2013 Anthology http://t.co/CHB04FRHBD and my other story 'Salsa' is shortlisted for 1000words flash-fiction competition http://t.co/NByphFs3r7

It's all happening now I've turned sixty :)

99words published another one of my little tales 'Vanity' on their new site  http://t.co/MnOANddZJi
Had a couple of nice encouraging comments.


“I didn’t hear any of that. Did you Betty?”

I shook my head. My hearing wasn’t as sharp as it used to be.

I was too vain to ask the Doctor to speak up. George was too vain to wear his hearing aids. 

“Do you think it was bad?”

I shook my head. He looked alright. He still made me mad with his forgetfulness and whinging on about his aches and pains. I always thought I was going to be a merry widow but he’d see me out for sure.   

We both missed the Doctor saying it was terminal.
My friend Tessa always asks is it a happy story? Sorry Tess this one isn't .... but Salsa and Penitence both are. :) 

Monday, 27 May 2013

How Old?

On Friday, the last day of May I will enter my sixties. I'm feeling uneasy, why I don't know? I have never before bothered about the big '0' birthdays apart from when I was about to be twenty and I would never be a teenager again. Then, I shed tears.

Is it because the majority of my life is behind me? God willing I might have a good 30 years in front of me, both my parents are 87 and only now are they showing signs of age. I have been reminded that I should count myself lucky to get to this age, many people don't.

So on Friday I will wake in Brighton, enjoy a hearty breakfast in the hotel, walk on the pier, shop in the Lanes, people watch in the cafes. Speak on the phone to my son in Poland, my daughter and grandson here in the Midlands and look forward to my next big 0 birthday. The next ten years I promise myself will be as interesting as the last thirty.  

Monday, 6 May 2013

Walking to Work

Wow... I'm thrilled, my story Walking to Work has been long listed for the WoWfest http://t.co/naiCbqhuN9 .... Twenty stories will be whittled down to ten on Wednesday evening, 8th May 2013 and will be read on the night and the winner announced. Unfortunately as the evening happens in Liverpool and I live in the Midlands I wont be able to attend. It will be a great night I'm sure and I'm sad to miss it. If I am short-listed I hope someone will read it for me :)

I'll let you know the winner as soon as I know. Good luck to the other nineteen Long-Lister's.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Not a winner but they want my Flash-Fiction

Nice surprise in my e-mail box this morning. I'd entered a flash-fiction competition and already knew I hadn't been placed. But they want to publish my little 99 words on their new social network site which they hope should be up and running in May. I'm so thrilled when any of my little tales are thought worthy of being published. When its online I'll post a link.

My friend Tessa keeps saying "Please write a happy story". Sorry Tessa this one isn't a happy one either :)

FlashFlood: 'T-Shirts' by Stella Turner

FlashFlood: 'T-Shirts' by Stella Turner: When he needed luck he would always wear his Jack Daniels T-shirt. For university exams, his first job interview, making love to her. She’...

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Had a nice rejection e-mail this morning. Sent off a tiny flash fiction which wasn't suitable but was told "I like it but it doesn't feel quite polished" I can see my good friend Sal nodding sagely. I just don't edit enough. I write, think its brilliant, send it off, sometimes it works but mostly it doesn't. 3pm on Friday my flash-fiction 'T-Shirts' will be on http://t.co/BQis59Hrag . That one has been re-jigged a little after sending it off to a previous competition.

Initially I was going to delete that e-mail but then thought no. So I printed it off to go into my writing portfolio. It was good advice that one sentence. I need to polish my words till they shine bright.  Thank you Mr Zero.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Great week for my flash fiction

This week I found out my flash fiction Food  was long listed in the Fish publishing flash fiction competition. It's a great competition to win as the prize is 1000 euros! I've been long listed for the last two years. I'm hoping next year I'll write something that might get short listed. So I need to keep writing, editing and sending my stories off. Also on Wednesday my 75 word story Sharp Scissors was featured on Paragraph Planet.

I'm thinking now where to send Food next? I think its a good story. Have a few more things out there been considered in competitions. Love it when results are announced and for a split second I think I'm in with a chance. :)


Monday, 4 February 2013

Heaven on Earth......

Went to a funeral today, over a hundred people were there which is amazing for an eighty one year old man who was neither famous nor well known just truly admired for his kind nature, a real gentleman. When you get to that age many of your contemporaries have passed on and its just a smattering of relatives that mourn your death. It was so cold and windy that I was pleased it wasn't a graveside ceremony. When I die I hope I'll be buried not cremated. I want to lie in a grave yard with a little head stone above me. I'd like to think of people walking past and passing comment like I do when reading the epitaphs. The funeral service sheet had photos of Tony during his life and the last photo was of him sitting on a bench with his back to the camera looking over the most beautiful sea. It made me smile like he was in heaven already.

Sunday, 20 January 2013


Snow, Snow go away.......
Since Friday it's been snowing here. At one point it looked like 4 inches had fallen. At 3pm on Friday the local buses had stopped running. I decided to get a taxi home leaving my car parked at my parents. I'm not keen on driving at the best of times! Saturday Mr T and I went shopping, visited my sister to see if she was okay. Then today with more snow falling we delivered meals and shopping to my sister and brother-in-law who both live alone. Tomorrow unless more snow falls overnight I'm positive once I get off the side streets and hit the main roads I'll be able to drive to work. Working at the local hospital it's not a case of turning over in bed and ringing in for a day's holiday! Roll on retirement when I'll be able to say I love snow, its so pretty :)  

Sunday, 6 January 2013


It came as a revelation, a bolt out of the blue, as her mother used to say. Dusting her trinkets one morning she realised it was all tat. Why not get rid of it all. Save her children having to sort it when she was dead.


She smashed the Dresden figurines against the garage wall. She buried her gold jewellery underneath the lilac tree and her silver pieces beside the fish pond. Let her children hunt for them. It might be fun to leave clues like the Easter egg hunts of the old days.


Maybe it wouldn’t be found for hundreds of years and classed as treasure trove. She found herself smiling for the first time in ages. She hoped someone worthy would dig it up. That eliminated her own children. High powered jobs, grandchildren and basic laziness put paid to their visits. The occasional phone call from one of her daughters seemed to suffice, like a smoke signal telling the rest of the family that she was still alive and kicking.


She wondered how they would react when her will was read out. She’d left the house to the girl who had run off with her husband. That skinny little girl with the big breasts, doe like eyes and amazing job in publishing. Tamara had done her a great favour, had spared her the task of ending her days with the most boring, selfish, inconsiderate man ever. Her children had all approved of their father’s choice and were great friends with Tamara. She was sure they’d applaud her decision.


Pulling the tickets out of the envelope she read them over and over again. A round the world cruise for two. She was so pleased when Anthony agreed to go with her. He was the young man from the bookshop with the foppish hair. They’d spent time together discussing the places that he’d love to visit. He’d be travelling solo when the cruise was over but what fun she’ll have till then.


Amazed at how much money could be released on the current value of a house, she hoped by the time Tamara got her home it wouldn’t be in negative equity.
*         *         *          *            *          *         *            *          *            *        *          *        *
My flash fiction published in the anthology Connections  http://t.co/iZBxAWwH


Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year

Today is the first day of 2013 and at the end of this year I'm hoping to be a thinner, nicer and happier Stella. I'm hoping to do more interesting things, write better, see places I've never seen and turn sixty. Turning sixty is one thing that will happen being born in 1953. It's finally dawned on me that I've probably had the majority of my life. This next decade will probably be the last I can truely expect and demand my body to continue in good health although my parents are both 86 and in fine fettle. Noticed today in the local newspaper a lady had died aged 101. Thats what I'd like to do score a century. So will I still be blogging in 2053? Yes if determination is anything to go by. I'll die trying :)
Happy New Year to you all.........

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