Walking Away

Walking Away

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year

Today is the first day of 2013 and at the end of this year I'm hoping to be a thinner, nicer and happier Stella. I'm hoping to do more interesting things, write better, see places I've never seen and turn sixty. Turning sixty is one thing that will happen being born in 1953. It's finally dawned on me that I've probably had the majority of my life. This next decade will probably be the last I can truely expect and demand my body to continue in good health although my parents are both 86 and in fine fettle. Noticed today in the local newspaper a lady had died aged 101. Thats what I'd like to do score a century. So will I still be blogging in 2053? Yes if determination is anything to go by. I'll die trying :)
Happy New Year to you all.........


  1. As long as you're healthy, 100 seems a good target! (Although a traditional Jewish greeting is 'Ad 120' broadly implying you should live to be 120... in which case you haven't quite lived half your life yet! 8-)

  2. haha I'll remember that BB I'm only middle-aged ......


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