Walking Away

Walking Away

Friday, 12 October 2012

National Flash-Fiction Day

Today my little story WORDS was published on the National flash-fiction blogsite. Some really interesting stories to read. This is the link to mine:  http://t.co/FP7wQpkq
Hope you enjoy reading some of the others. 

Monday, 1 October 2012

1st of October

Can't believe how quick this year is going. I've sent off two flash-fictions to the Fish Competition. The results won't be till April 2013. I particularly like these two stories but then I've always got high hopes. I've sent another one to an American blogsite with the theme Trick or Treat but think half of it they won't understand like bums, wobbly blobs, vicars and tarts party.

I love the anticipation of thinking I might be short listed. This year one of my stories was long listed for the Fish competition and that gave me great encouragement. Maybe I can write one good story.

Just read a blog about a Goat Herder, a woman living in Spain with 50 goats that are hand milked daily and the milk sold for goat cheese. Sounds idyllic but I'm sure at times her life is as boring and stressful as everyone else's. She writes really well. I felt I was with her delivering baby goats!    http://www.experienceolvera.co.uk/         

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