Walking Away

Walking Away

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Not a winner but they want my Flash-Fiction

Nice surprise in my e-mail box this morning. I'd entered a flash-fiction competition and already knew I hadn't been placed. But they want to publish my little 99 words on their new social network site which they hope should be up and running in May. I'm so thrilled when any of my little tales are thought worthy of being published. When its online I'll post a link.

My friend Tessa keeps saying "Please write a happy story". Sorry Tessa this one isn't a happy one either :)

FlashFlood: 'T-Shirts' by Stella Turner

FlashFlood: 'T-Shirts' by Stella Turner: When he needed luck he would always wear his Jack Daniels T-shirt. For university exams, his first job interview, making love to her. She’...

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Had a nice rejection e-mail this morning. Sent off a tiny flash fiction which wasn't suitable but was told "I like it but it doesn't feel quite polished" I can see my good friend Sal nodding sagely. I just don't edit enough. I write, think its brilliant, send it off, sometimes it works but mostly it doesn't. 3pm on Friday my flash-fiction 'T-Shirts' will be on http://t.co/BQis59Hrag . That one has been re-jigged a little after sending it off to a previous competition.

Initially I was going to delete that e-mail but then thought no. So I printed it off to go into my writing portfolio. It was good advice that one sentence. I need to polish my words till they shine bright.  Thank you Mr Zero.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Great week for my flash fiction

This week I found out my flash fiction Food  was long listed in the Fish publishing flash fiction competition. It's a great competition to win as the prize is 1000 euros! I've been long listed for the last two years. I'm hoping next year I'll write something that might get short listed. So I need to keep writing, editing and sending my stories off. Also on Wednesday my 75 word story Sharp Scissors was featured on Paragraph Planet.

I'm thinking now where to send Food next? I think its a good story. Have a few more things out there been considered in competitions. Love it when results are announced and for a split second I think I'm in with a chance. :)


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