Walking Away

Walking Away

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Had a nice rejection e-mail this morning. Sent off a tiny flash fiction which wasn't suitable but was told "I like it but it doesn't feel quite polished" I can see my good friend Sal nodding sagely. I just don't edit enough. I write, think its brilliant, send it off, sometimes it works but mostly it doesn't. 3pm on Friday my flash-fiction 'T-Shirts' will be on http://t.co/BQis59Hrag . That one has been re-jigged a little after sending it off to a previous competition.

Initially I was going to delete that e-mail but then thought no. So I printed it off to go into my writing portfolio. It was good advice that one sentence. I need to polish my words till they shine bright.  Thank you Mr Zero.

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