Walking Away

Walking Away

Saturday, 9 November 2013

The Beckham Boot

After presenting myself twice at the local Accident and Emergency Department (A&E)  at the local hospital I was sent to see a trauma consultant at the fracture clinic. Following on from the A&E doctor saying "Stella come and look at the X-Ray its exciting" and me nearly fainting because of extra bone laid down around my big toe which turned out not to be exciting because that happens routinely due to arthritis but a black line at the base of my toe! To be fair the excellent A&E doctor smiled and said "Not that exciting" when she saw my shocked face.

The very professional trauma consultant decided I need a MRI scan to properly show what's happening, a consultation with a foot and ankle specialist and to see the podiatry department. Whilst all this is in the pipeline I'm to wear a leg brace / boot.

What made me smile was the consultant first thought was to plaster my foot then he said no a boot might be better. Looking at me he said "its not very fashionable you know"  I've just had my 60th birthday and in my wildest dreams I'm no Kate Moss :)

It's been three weeks now, one week wearing the boot. I'm back at work, trying to sit more and doing 2 hours less a day. It's better than it was but still hurts. I was really feeling sorry for myself  think it was the daytime TV I was watching constantly and not getting out to walk. It's so easy to become self centred and not count your blessings.

One blessing is the NHS its something we should all be very proud of. It has its failings and that is being addressed but I've always said when you urgently need medical care you receive it. I'm happy to continue to wear this boot till my non urgent appointment comes through for the MRI. Only hope its soon because this Beckham boot has an open toe and it might snow!!       :)

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