Walking Away

Walking Away

Thursday, 15 August 2013

The Value of Money or Not........

Bought amazing Salter scales from Asda today. Shows your weight, body fat, body water and BMI, only £5 with a 15 year guarantee. I'm now drinking water, eating less and planning to go to the Gym on Sunday morning. As one of my friends said "Truly amazing if they get YOU to go to the gym"
I pay gym membership religiously every month but haven't been for years. Bit like calling myself a member of the Church of England but never turning up.

Just cleansed my face & applied Boots number 7 Day Cream, first time I've bought grown up face cream (£23) problem is a) its night time b) I'm 60.... thinking this might be a little too late :)

I pay over £300 for a yearly car parking permit to park at my place of work but always park on my parents drive and walk the short distance to work. There seems to be a pattern forming here. Answers on a postcard please no prizes offered though. All my money is going out to places I don't use :)

Monday, 5 August 2013

The Graveyard......

In a corner of the graveyard I watch a man silently weeping. I draw near. I know him, I have never seen him cry before. He is strong and dependable. I wrap my arms around him and he shivers. It's like a cool wind has wrapped around him. His skin feels cold to the touch. In the distance standing around an opened grave I see people I recognise, it’s my family. I leave my lover; I don’t want them to see us together. I look down at the coffin in the grave and read the name on the bronze plaque. Now I shiver and know why I see dead people. 

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