Walking Away

Walking Away

Friday, 30 March 2012

It's a C..... didn't make it...

The flash fiction I have been waiting to be marked has finally come in as a C.... didn't make it... The Gift of Wisdom has now been sent off to another competition and The Nurse which was longlisted has also gone to another competition. I have now decided to be patient and just wait for e-mails arriving telling me they have been successful. Ever the optimist haha.

Today my 75 words It happened in the early hours was chosen to appear on paragraphplanet http://t.co/xOcwzIkq . Each day a different 75 words appears and then goes into the month's archives. If you have time its a great quick read each day.
Here are my 75 words

It happened in the early hours of Sunday morning. Felt like a hundred hands were turning forward. I fell into a void, taken hostage. It was dark, silent and eerie. I knew what was happening but ever year I was powerless to stop it. Like six months later when suddenly I would be released ready for winter. I missed the light, the sunshine, the summer. There’s a rhyme about my predicament Spring forward, fall back. 

Thursday, 22 March 2012

I'm trying to be patient...... its not working...

I keep going to the website, logging in to my account to see if my flash fiction has been marked yet. I'm hoping this delay is good news and its hovering around the bottom end of the shortlist and the judge is hedging his bets by waiting until the last moment before it becomes an A (short listed) or a B (long listed) and hopefully NOT a C (didn't make it). It can't be a C because the three stories I sent one was a C straight away and the other became a B which pleased me no end. Prize money is a 1000 euros but being short listed would be fantastic, wouldn't mind being in the top 10 :)

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Long listed....

I've always wanted to be long listed in a competition and its happened today. I'm so hoping to be short listed. My writing seems to be on the up at the moment. I'd entered this flash fiction story last year to the same competition and it didn't make the cut. This time I edited it, sharpened it and this year's judge seems to like it. I like it a lot, not sure I'm supposed to say that. But as I've always said if you don't blow your own trumpet, no one else will blow it.... :) 

Thursday, 8 March 2012

'The Daily Echo and 20 Bensons'

I'm so excited. I entered my flash fiction story 'The Daily Echo and 20 Bensons' in a competition and got placed. I'm now a published writer. Go see the anthology 'Take a Leap' http://t.co/qOYxBKI8

The flash fiction short course run by Nik Perring and my friend Sal Page who keeps telling me 'show don't tell' helped a great deal. I'm getting to grips now with editing and realising that each word is as important as the next one and to consider whether it should be in the story or not.

My confidence has really soared but I am still very much a novice, long way to go before I write that bestseller. Think I'm more suited to short, short stories.

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