Walking Away

Walking Away

Thursday, 8 March 2012

'The Daily Echo and 20 Bensons'

I'm so excited. I entered my flash fiction story 'The Daily Echo and 20 Bensons' in a competition and got placed. I'm now a published writer. Go see the anthology 'Take a Leap' http://t.co/qOYxBKI8

The flash fiction short course run by Nik Perring and my friend Sal Page who keeps telling me 'show don't tell' helped a great deal. I'm getting to grips now with editing and realising that each word is as important as the next one and to consider whether it should be in the story or not.

My confidence has really soared but I am still very much a novice, long way to go before I write that bestseller. Think I'm more suited to short, short stories.

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