Walking Away

Walking Away

Saturday, 19 October 2013

It will be FINE TOMORROW.....

Yesterday at work I was hobbling all day with my left foot not being able to bear weight. (Not sure if I've used the correct bare!) The day before  I had a slight niggling pain in the calf, nothing to fret about. Leaving work I always walk to my parents home where my car is parked but this time I leapt in a taxi because I just couldn't walk. I was able to drive home as my car is an automatic and you only use your right foot.

The foot looks perfectly normal today, the slight swelling has gone down but it still hurts to put weight on it. Everyone has asked if I've gone over on it, injured it somehow but I haven't. Then Mr T reminded me that on Tuesday I had been called out of work, my lovely sister had fallen at home and couldn't get herself up. With the help of one of her neighbours I had hoisted her up back on the settee. So hopefully I've sprained something and by Monday morning all will be well.

This is a big lesson for me from the Gods because I now know its no fun not being able to walk. Missed lunch out with friends and that's not fun either. :)         

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