Walking Away

Walking Away

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

First Day of A New Phase

September 1st 2015 .... I've been working all my life for this day, well to be honest it should have been 31st May 2013 when I celebrated my 60th birthday. But the state pension age was moved for women born in 1953 and my new date became 6th November 2016. I made a decision in the new year to leave work and take my NHS pension. I thought I would leave in November till one of my colleagues asked "Why November?" and I really didn't know. As I had to give 5 months notice and my Grandson Len is starting school in September I decided my last day would be August 31st and as its a bank holiday, a bonus :)

My last working day was amazing, my work bench decorated, a two hour buffet lunch and beautiful gifts from my workmates. I didn't shed a tear although I came close to it several times. I've worked at the hospital for 26 years and I know I will miss it but at the moment I feel like I'm on holiday. It will feel strange when my salary isn't paid into my bank account on the last day of each month :)

The worry I have is that I will turn into a hermit and never leave the house so I've got lots of plans. Thursday I'm enrolling for a Creative Writing course and a Pilates class. I'm going to learn Polish, join a book club and of cause collect Len from school twice a week. I'll be watching plays and musicals at the local theatres within train travelling distance and be a lady that lunches.

I will miss my young work colleagues with their ability to update my education, the fun and laughter I have shared with them. I have always been so proud to work for the NHS but when my sister died last year I re-evaluated my life and work didn't seem very high up my priorities. I have made the right decision I just need to live the life now :) 



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