Walking Away

Walking Away

Sunday, 16 February 2020

Aim for 100 rejections in 2020

When I saw the Facebook group #Rejection100  I was intrigued. A challenge to get 100 rejections by the end of the year. I thought no way am I joining that group until I read some of the posts and realised it was turning a negative into a positive. People, tongue in cheek, were commiserating those who'd had their work accepted saying better luck next time and those that had been rejected were being told well done! I've never felt upset by a rejection because its all subjective. You can't have rejections unless you submit your work. That would be my challenge! I hardly ever send in a submission and this was what #Rejection100 was challenging everyone including me to do!

My tally at present stands at ONE REJECTION. Pretty poor considering its nearly two twelfths into the year. So I've sent off THREE entries to the National Flash Fiction Anthology, THREE to their micro fiction competition, ONE each  to the  Bath Flash Fiction and Fish competitions and ONE each to 101 Fiction and Paragraph Planet. A total of  TEN submissions and to be honest I'm expecting TEN rejections. I'm just pleased I've sent them on their way. If one is long listed I'll be ecstatic but I'm not holding my breath because I'll turn blue 😎

Thanks Submittable for starting this group, its spurred me on, not sure I'll get any where near the 100 mark but at least I've taken up the challenge!

Sunday, 5 May 2019

Words and a bad Poem

Edit ONE

I look around the room I'm the only one using pen and paper, a tatty Biro to boot. The others tip- tapping away on their computers. If I'd bought my gigantic antique PC it would have taken up the entire table. The more I think about being a writer the more I realise the world is full of would be writers. One has just had her book publish on Amazon. I clap cautiously still not sure about self-publishing. I worry about lack of talent. One has a novel sent off to agents. She's excitedly waiting for replies. I want her to succeed because rejection however nicely written is a slap in your creative face. Another is writing a play I want to shake his hand and say well done for not wanting to write a novel like the rest are planning to do. When its my turn to say what I'm doing I say Flash Fiction. I like to write 500 words or less. Not sure if that genre appeals to me because of the lack of words. I murmur that I have written a few chapters of a novel, well I have but I'm don't think I'll ever finish it! It has no plot, it seems to be writing itself without any direction from me. Maybe I should chat to the playwright to get tips on direction.

Everyone is tip-tapping away. I am feeling the cold. Tip do not sit by a window in an old building. It's draughty and very cold. I'm wondering whether to put my jacket back on but then I won't feel the benefit of it when I leave. (I sound like my mum) Will I last another five hours probably not. Once lunch is over I might be off shopping in the city centre. 500 words forgotten for another day. I've paid good money to sit in a draughty room and write. No workshop, no tips on getting my mo-jo back . To be fair it was billed for procrastinators and I am writing so yes its achieved its aim.

Edit TWO

I'm planning my escape
What shall I say.
I've run out of words
My hand hurts.
I care no more
For any of you.
Write your stories
Novels and plays.
Be famous, be literary
But leave me out.
Or include me in your words
As the writer that ran away.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Days 2 & 3 of the 64 Million Artists January Challenge

Whoa! the challenge for yesterday was draw 5 faces in 5 minutes. NOW I am no artist but its a challenge. No overthinking just do it!

They are like the Walking Dead and I've just noticed one is missing an ear!
Day 3: Blurb it Out

Imagine you've written a novel and the only thing missing is the blurb - you know, the couple of paragraphs on the back that provide a short description of the book. Write the blurb of your book, tell the story or say what it's about. You can even write reviews of your previous work! If you're stuck for story ideas, maybe write the blurb for your autobiography.

So this is My Blurb
Read the new Booker Prize Winner for 2019. The story that she thought would never be printed! Surviving the bleak, boring but safe world of mediocrity she could have plucked the tale straight from Hades. It captures the essence of her life before the event that sent the world spiralling. Be ready for shocks and revelations! It’s a masterpiece for readers of all genres and those seeking the truth of what really happened to Stella Turner.

I can't believe how much I am enjoying these challenges. Woke up this morning wondering what it would be today. Not looking forward to a Poetry challenge but then it can't be any worse than the 5 faces or can it? 😏

Monday, 1 January 2018

Day 1 of the 64 Million Artists January Challenge

There are two things I'd like to do well that's sing and draw. My singing is terrible! My grandson has been know to say "No singing please Nana"  and my drawing is not much better. So when I read about the January creative challenge I signed up immediately. Small creative challenges for 31 days and I'm bound to amaze myself!

Day 1 challenge: Make a certificate or trophy to award your future self. What would you like to achieve in 2018? 

So I powered up the PC and as a self-confessed technophobe wondered how to make a certificate, easy find a template and off you go. The templates weren't inspiring at all. Probably some fantastic ones if I knew where to look! So I adapted one, added a photo and decided what was important for me to achieve in 2018. No resolutions that I churn out every single year! I did include moving more but decided not to mention eating less. Hopefully being active will make me more aware of what I'm scoffing down each day. The photo chosen was one from childhood to remind me that at 64 I still have lots more to learn. I'm still in awe that I managed to include the photo!

Here is the certificate

I'm learning that fear should not hold me back! Press a few keys on the PC experiment! What could go wrong! Skype call to Poland and my son will fix it remotely like he's done before ❤.

I'm so looking forward to the challenge tomorrow. I'll have less time but that's a challenge in itself. Oh I've already walked twice today and I'm up to 8,706 steps so I've definitely got off the settee and walked 💃 


Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Has it been that long???

It's been over twelve months since my last post so I've decided to set myself a challenge for 2018 and post once a week. That's only 52 ramblings to be read by the ones that inadvertently stumble occasionally on this blog. I've also signed up for the January Challenge set by 64 Million Artists. I can't draw but I'm hoping to surprise myself with what I create. After 31 challenges I might find something I can do. 👀

I'm sure on January 1st I'll have the same resolutions I have year after year. Eat less, move more! Be nicer! Write a novel! Learn Polish! This year I won a competition set by Deracine Magazine. The theme was 'intrusive thoughts' and I sent a surreal flash fiction I had written for Creative Writing class and was completely amazed when it was joint winner. Boosted my self confidence no end! I need to write more, definitely edit more and submit.

Good things that has happened this year: lots of holidays. Visited my son and his wife in Poland that was magical. Stayed with Sal in Morecambe which is always relaxing, good food and great company. Stayed in Benidorm with the golfers. The men golf the women chill! Stayed at Ruthin Castle in Wales and Tortworth Court in Gloucestershire. Days out with Sal in London. She has so much patience with my love of graveyards especially Highgate Cemetery!   

Me outside the burial vaults 

I've had lots of time to see my grandson Lenny develop and grow. He is six years old. He never fails to delight me with his knowledge and insights into life. I've always loved to be in the company of the young. At work I learnt so much from my colleagues and laughed so much as well. 

So bring it on 2018! May the world itself be less turbulent. I hope people will be more tolerant and show care for each other. Happy New Year everyone!

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

The Quest for The Truth

Nice surprise yesterday one of my stories published on Postcard Shorts

I'm keen on conspiracy theories and love the song by Kirsty MacColl


I hope he really is Elvis too 😉

The Quest For The Truth

He promised his wife, his children, Sister Mary Daphne who danced to his songs that he wouldn't return. He promised himself that last year would be the very last time. He travelled on the cross country train listening to the rhythm of the wheels on the track, music spurring him on. He'd walked the three miles from the station disbelieving where his feet were heading. He tried to change direction, he tried to stop at the artisan coffee shop and eat a bagel that was unique to the locality. Had fish eggs in it or some weird speciality, probably one of his better decisions to give that a miss.

Sitting in the middle of the field crammed amongst the devotees, he looked around. Everyone seemed so much younger than him. His quest had begun on August 16th 1977. He remembered the sombre moment it was announced on the BBC news. He couldn't believe it, he wouldn't believe it. It was a hoax.

The first one started to sing. It wasn't him. He'd sat through so many renderings over the years that he would instantly know the real one. Sister Mary Daphne tried to persuade him that his quest was ungodly, Elvis was dead. He knew that one day amongst all these impersonators the King would walk again.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Highs and Lows of Life

This Friday June 17th 2016 I'll be saying a final goodbye to my mum. She celebrated her 90th birthday on April 18th three days before the Queen celebrated her 90th birthday. A week later after falling at home Mum went into hospital and died peacefully on June 2nd, the anniversary of the Queen's coronation. She never really recovered from my Dad dying a week before Christmas 2015 and my elder sister dying in 2014. I miss them all so much.

A photo of us in Trafalgar Square feeding the pigeons circa 1963 (I'm the littlest one.)

My mum was very proud of all her grandchildren and her great grandson. On May 21st 2016 my son Kevin married Adelina in Poland. My mum would have loved to have been there. She loved family occasions and gatherings.

I look at my five year old grandson and marvel at the love I feel for him. This is what life is all about, the rites of passage. We'll be celebrating my mum's life this Friday with her family and friends and saying goodbye. She'll remain in our hearts and memories with love.

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