Walking Away

Walking Away

Sunday, 20 January 2013


Snow, Snow go away.......
Since Friday it's been snowing here. At one point it looked like 4 inches had fallen. At 3pm on Friday the local buses had stopped running. I decided to get a taxi home leaving my car parked at my parents. I'm not keen on driving at the best of times! Saturday Mr T and I went shopping, visited my sister to see if she was okay. Then today with more snow falling we delivered meals and shopping to my sister and brother-in-law who both live alone. Tomorrow unless more snow falls overnight I'm positive once I get off the side streets and hit the main roads I'll be able to drive to work. Working at the local hospital it's not a case of turning over in bed and ringing in for a day's holiday! Roll on retirement when I'll be able to say I love snow, its so pretty :)  

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