Walking Away

Walking Away

Sunday, 2 December 2012

A Published Writer

Four copies of the anthology Connections arrived the other day. On page 80 is my flash fiction 'Tat'. I'm been published once before in an e-anthology called Take a leap but I'm thrilled to see my words printed on paper in a traditional book :) My son and daughter will both be receiving a copy and my good friend Sal Page has already received her copy. Sal has won and been placed in writing competitions and has written a novel that at present is unpublished. Notice I write at present because I know one day she will be a published novelist.
Here is the link to Connections  http://t.co/iZBxAWwH
Hoping next year I'll continue to write and improve.

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  1. Yeah, proper paper is still better, isn't it? Something you can leave casually on your coffee table when you have visitors!
    Sal X


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