Walking Away

Walking Away

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Merry Christmas Everyone......

Christmas Day was really lovely this year. My parents, daughter and her partner and their two and a half year old son spent the day with us. Mr T cooked a fantastic lunch and in the afternoon we all went to see my sister at the nursing home where she now lives and her son was visiting too. Later on we spoke to my son and his fiancĂ©e on Skype, they are living in Poland.

My Dad who has just been diagnosed with Alzheimer's  said he would remember this Christmas for ever. I'm not sure he will remember much of it this morning. My lovely sister has a terminal illness and has problems with her short term memory so I'm sure she will not remember we all visited yesterday but I felt so happy and privileged to be with four generations of my family.

I have a canvas of a photo of myself aged about 10 with my sister and our parents feeding the pigeons in Trafalgar Square, London. (Fifty years ago :) I look at it most days and count my blessings. My son gave it to me knowing how much I loved the original photo.

This is a photo of me wondering if my head will fit the Christmas paper hat :) 
Happy Christmas everyone and wishing you all a very prosperous NEW YEAR .

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