Walking Away

Walking Away

Sunday, 5 January 2014

New Year

Appointment at The Fracture Clinic on New Year's Eve. The consultant was really nice as usual and smiled as he told me to be patient. March Fractures take a long time to heal. One thing I'm not is patient well it has been over 10 weeks now. He gave me an option of rest or an operation. I've taken the rest one :) He's given me four weeks off work and referred me to a Foot consultant. I'm hoping by the time I see the Foot expert I'll be healed and walking.

I'm not sure if this is karma because I've never had much patience with people with sticks unless they are very old and then I'm in awe at their persistence to be mobile. I've been blessed with exceedingly good health over the last 60 years with only my tonsils extracted. I'm leaning compassion at my own expense but not readily as I'm berating my foot each morning when I wake up and it continues to hurt. Maybe that's the problem I should relax and let my body heal itself. I truly count my blessings as my sister has a terminal illness and each day she faces it with fortitude.

My friend says use these four weeks to start a novel. I'll probably write a few flash fictions.

Saturday I went to my Auntie Molly's funeral. She died on Christmas Day morning aged 89. I have such good memories of her and her sense of humour. My sister and I stayed with her when I was six and my mum was sent to a hospital in the countryside when they thought she had TB, fortunately she had the lesser of two evils pneumonia and recovered. My dad has newly diagnosed Alzheimer's and after his sister's funeral he kept saying I didn't recognise anyone. My mum sobbed through the hymn 'the Rugged Cross' because it reminded her of her step-mother Gertie who sang it all the time.  My mum at that point was grieving for Gertie. I adored my step grandmother she was one of the nicest people I've ever known, my mum said she didn't have a bad bone in her body. I love my family :)
Treasure yours


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