Walking Away

Walking Away

Sunday, 19 January 2014

99 words

Just found out my 99 word story have been placed as a reserve winner in December's  99words competition http://99fiction.net/page/reserve-12 The winner was amazing I liked it very much and could see why it won.

Have just written and sent another story for round 3 of Flash Frenzy. Really enjoy writing stories from picture prompts, this one was piles of coins on a table. My imagination raced to 30 pieces of silver and I had a Grandma dying in suspicious circumstances. You can read the entries for this round and the previous rounds at  http://t.co/HRNHZChRkX

On the March Fracture front :) have seen a Foot Consultant last Wednesday and after an X-Ray showing the fracture was at last healing was told to stop wearing the Beckham Boot and to get back to walking. Think my foot has got used to being at rest and when I walk on it, it continues to hurt. So next week I'll be walking more each day to raise my tolerance levels ready to return to work in 9 days time. Wish me luck :)

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