Walking Away

Walking Away

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

March Fracture

Last Thursday my left foot was strapped upright whilst I lay flat and motionless on a trolley being scanned by a MRI machine. As its very noisy I was given thick ear muffs to wear and fortunately I went foot first into the machine so I didn't have to face claustrophobia. I think I may even have fallen asleep as the radiologist said "You okay, its finished?" Amazing how you can relax in the most weird situations. Oh and they ask if you have metal in your body and are especially worried about sheet metal workers and insist on them having eye checks in case of metal particles being ripped from the eyes. Now that is a horrifying thought!

Today I went to the Fracture clinic to get the results but the report wasn't ready so two consultants and one doctor looked at the scan and decided I have a March Fracture, (a toe fracture to us non trauma specialists) so called because soldiers suffer from them. I do a lot of marching around at work.

I couldn't hold back my glee as I was beginning to think the pain in my foot was all my head because for the last 6 weeks it was only less painful than when I went to the Accident and Emergency department. The Doctor looked at me as if I was demented but agreed a diagnosis was a good thing. I've heard stress which I have a fair bit in my life at the moment can materialize in other parts of the body. All my friends have been telling me I'm daft to think there wasn't a real injury.

I'm to wear the Beckham Boot for another three weeks and go back to the Clinic on New Years Eve, hopefully I'm be seeing the New Year in bootless. I'll keep you posted :)

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  1. March? I hope it's better by February ...

    Sal X


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