Walking Away

Walking Away

Monday, 27 May 2013

How Old?

On Friday, the last day of May I will enter my sixties. I'm feeling uneasy, why I don't know? I have never before bothered about the big '0' birthdays apart from when I was about to be twenty and I would never be a teenager again. Then, I shed tears.

Is it because the majority of my life is behind me? God willing I might have a good 30 years in front of me, both my parents are 87 and only now are they showing signs of age. I have been reminded that I should count myself lucky to get to this age, many people don't.

So on Friday I will wake in Brighton, enjoy a hearty breakfast in the hotel, walk on the pier, shop in the Lanes, people watch in the cafes. Speak on the phone to my son in Poland, my daughter and grandson here in the Midlands and look forward to my next big 0 birthday. The next ten years I promise myself will be as interesting as the last thirty.  

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