Walking Away

Walking Away

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Has it been that long???

It's been over twelve months since my last post so I've decided to set myself a challenge for 2018 and post once a week. That's only 52 ramblings to be read by the ones that inadvertently stumble occasionally on this blog. I've also signed up for the January Challenge set by 64 Million Artists. I can't draw but I'm hoping to surprise myself with what I create. After 31 challenges I might find something I can do. 👀

I'm sure on January 1st I'll have the same resolutions I have year after year. Eat less, move more! Be nicer! Write a novel! Learn Polish! This year I won a competition set by Deracine Magazine. The theme was 'intrusive thoughts' and I sent a surreal flash fiction I had written for Creative Writing class and was completely amazed when it was joint winner. Boosted my self confidence no end! I need to write more, definitely edit more and submit.

Good things that has happened this year: lots of holidays. Visited my son and his wife in Poland that was magical. Stayed with Sal in Morecambe which is always relaxing, good food and great company. Stayed in Benidorm with the golfers. The men golf the women chill! Stayed at Ruthin Castle in Wales and Tortworth Court in Gloucestershire. Days out with Sal in London. She has so much patience with my love of graveyards especially Highgate Cemetery!   

Me outside the burial vaults 

I've had lots of time to see my grandson Lenny develop and grow. He is six years old. He never fails to delight me with his knowledge and insights into life. I've always loved to be in the company of the young. At work I learnt so much from my colleagues and laughed so much as well. 

So bring it on 2018! May the world itself be less turbulent. I hope people will be more tolerant and show care for each other. Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. Yeah, I'm sure you WILL write that novel in 2018. And a month today we'll be in that London again for food, chat and the play with the Bob Dylan songs. :-)


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