Walking Away

Walking Away

Monday, 2 July 2012

Bathroom Blues

It's day 8 or working day 7, either way its been too long without a bathroom. Lucky for us we have an outside toilet else I'd have worn out the patience of a saint keep knocking on doors asking to use the neighbours lavey.
Day 1, the tiles came off the wall with the bathroom fitter tutting that the plaster was crumbling and it would need re-plastering. what a surprise the house was built in 1939....Survived the 2nd world war and wasn't coventrated.
Day 2, all the bathroom fittings and fixtures removed. Goodbye Darth Vader complete with Light Sabre and shower gel. Goodbye Mother Duck and two little ducks with the yellow paint peeling off that my mother bought us years ago.
Day 3, plaster boarded, shower tray fitted
Day 4, new ceiling with spotlights and extractor that looks like a spotlight only bigger.
Day 5, Day off .... no workmen.... no kettle on the boil.
Day 6, New window, one wall tiled. (love the tiles seeings I couldn't remember what we'd chosen and was dreading they would be dark and horrid)
Day 7,  the Sabbath
Day 8, walls nearly all tiled, floor tiles laid and instructions not to walk on them.

I had the first five days off work to man the kettle and have a love hate relationship with the bathroom fitter. Back to work now with husband in charge of the kettle. Perfect bliss.

Showering everyday is like a military operation. Packing towels, shampoo, soap, hair dryer lugging the bag around in case I spot a free shower. Where have the Victorian slipper baths gone? My parents happily let me run up their stairs cartwheeling into the bathroom.

I know one thing I'll never have another bathroom fitted in my lifetime unless we move house and that isn't likely. Few more days and I hope I'll have the bathroom of my dreams. Not that I've ever dreamt about a new bathroom. :)

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