Walking Away

Walking Away

Friday, 22 August 2014

My Writing Blog Tour

I was really amazed and thrilled to be tagged by Avalina Kreska and Imagine Ronin  in their 'My Writing Process Blogs' Up to now I've felt a bit uneasy about contributing. I've had Flash fiction published in several anthologies and had many encouraging comments on my short tales but I still don't really think of myself as a writer.

What I am working on
I have this grand idea that one day I will write a successful best selling novel, make loads of money and become famous :) The problem with this is I love writing Flash fiction, anything longer than 500 words terrifies me. Think its because I dart from one idea to another and easily gets bored with my own writing. I love reading other peoples novels more. I love writing from prompts so at the moment am contributing to The Angry Hourglass and Flash Friday both on Twitter. So on a Friday and Sunday I'm busy writing and submitting with fingers crossed that my tale will be chosen. I need to persuade myself that a novel is a lot of flashes joined together :)

How does my work differ from others of its genre
I'll let the Judge of last week's Angry Hourglass sum it up thanks David
"I read the tale through and knew it was a Stella classic. Loved the disarming first line. Laughed out loud at Mammy’s take on Dad’s gas. The emotions of the final paragraph were all the stronger for the light-hearted opening. Our narrator, I fear, did not have to wait too long before he’d be called to serve again. Stella’s strength is characterisation. We’ve been given memorable, familiar characters here – deftly wrought in a few pen strokes. The WW1 setting was also timely and I felt this was a fitting part of the centenary – like the best bits of a BBC drama condensed to their raw essence.

Why do I write what I write
Really have no idea why I write what I write, I don't plan it out it just arrives on the page. I've never thought of a beginning a middle and an end all at one time. I just have an idea that expends on the page as I'm writing.

How does my writing process work
Most of my time is spent at work or asleep :) so in the evenings I'll switch on my laptop which literally does sit on my lap and multi-task by watching TV and going from Twitter to Facebook to Twitter and if my eye is caught by a prompt I'll write. I'm hoping when I retire I'll have a plan to write in a more structured way.

Introduction to 3 other writers

Jackie Donnellan The other week I was Judge for The Angry Hourglass and the story that stood out for me was by Jackie. Her story 'I serve'  had a great first line, the story got straight to the point, the ending was funny and left me feeling satisfied. Lots of flashes leave me thinking what's all that about but Jackie's never do, read her story at http://t.co/czuSBcIxB6  See her page on Facebook at https://t.co/zAgVblzfLW

Imagine Ronin's  story last week on the Angry Hourglass was excellent, as much as I wanted mine to win, his story was miles better. Read it here http://t.co/zdd4WnpQ1n . I always look forward to scrolling down the numerous entries at Flash Friday to find his take on this week's prompt and then think why didn't I write that :) Read his blog at http://t.co/Tw8KfkJPeM

Sal Page has won Calderdale 2011 & Greenacre 2013 and been published on lots of online sites and won The Angry Hourglass with Sir Prance-a-lot, read it here http://t.co/lxoJyS1U87  She is a very good friend of mine and I've been very privileged to be asked to read the drafts of her two novels, both I enjoyed very much. Her stories are either moving, humorous or both. I'm always amazed where she gets her ideas from. Sal's blog is at http://t.co/vCz55Sdlca

These three writers have always been so supportive and encouraging not only to me but to other writers in the twitter community. We share each other successes and rejections with good heart. Long may we all put pen to paper. Can't remember the last time I've written anything longer than a shopping list by hand. I'm still in awe of cut and paste :) 
Thanks again Avalina and Imagine Ronin for choosing me as one of your 3 writers. Writer, Writer, Writer if I keep saying it I might get used to the idea that I'm a WRITER..... :)


  1. Yes, you are a writer. I bet many people would like to bring characters to life as well as you do. I love your novel is a lot of flashes joined together!! Excellent. Oh, how's the haunting going by the way? :)

  2. ha ha the haunting is fun.... might even write a flash about it :)


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