Walking Away

Walking Away

Thursday, 21 January 2016


David Bowie died January 10th 2016, I felt shocked that one of my musical heroes had died. no more Ziggy Stardust. Two days early I'd buried my true hero, my Dad. He died on 19th December 2015 aged 89, the same day as another legend, Jimmy Hill. For the last 3 years my Dad had been suffering with Alzheimer's, a cruel and horrible disease. Luckily my Dad still recognised me and responded to my name when people talked about me, right up to a week before his death.

Several comments he made shows how cruel dementia is, he told me how proud he was of me but couldn't remember why. My dad was asking why my sister hadn't visited him, she died in 2014. I explained that she had passed away and he replied "You'd think someone would have told me" That still makes me smile as I told him we had. Humour kept me going alongside anger, guilt and tiredness.

The Vicar paying tribute to my Dad said he was a fine and true gentleman, one of the old school, that was so true, my Dad was an honest and caring man. I will miss him everyday of my life as I do my sister.

Condolences to the Bowie family and every other family that loses a loved one.

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