Walking Away

Walking Away

Monday, 4 July 2011

Driving home from work....

Soft Cell's 'tainted love' followed by Charles and Eddie's 'would I lie to you' came on the radio...it was like heaven, two of my favourite songs. It was like I had chosen the play list. My all time favourite must be All Right Now  by Free. It reminds me when I was 16 and on holiday with three girlfriends at Margate. We stayed in two bedrooms above a cafe. I remember when we came in late at night the others would each take a frankfurter from a large opened tin full of brine... yuck.... We met a group of lads from East Kilbride and had such innocent fun. I felt so sophisticated, no more school, starting my first job soon, my whole life stretching out in front of me and I thought anyone over 21 was old...

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