Walking Away

Walking Away

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Watching Golf is not what I want to do....

Golf is on the TV, I'm sure on a Thursday night we watch something, my husband Mr T assures me that we don't. So I'm on twitter and facebook trying to ignore the inane comments of the golf commentator. I'm also reading e-mails and trying to think of ideas for flash fiction. Heard some really great news today that my good friend Sal has won the Calderdale short story competition. She has been placed in competitions before but this is a FIRST... I would just like to be long listed or short listed but my writing is not good enough but one day with a lot of reading and writing it may be. Go to Sal's blog and read for yourself  http://sal-cobbledtogether.blogspot.com/ 

Tomorrow is my last day of a week's holiday from work and I'm keen to do something fun perhaps  I'll go to the art gallery or sit in the old cathedral and take photos with my new digital camera that Mr T bought me. Or maybe I'll just sit at home and watch TV, drink green tea and  wish I was being more active. In my next post I'll tell you what I did.

Oh nearly forgot to mention that Mr T and I went to see Bomber's Moon written by William Ivory and directed by Matt Aston. To quote 'Bomber's Moon is a critically acclaimed new play about hidden memories, dark secrets and the nature of faith. I enjoyed it greatly, the two actors Tim Dantay and Paul Greenwood were both excellent, if you get the chance to see it, go.....

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  1. Thanks for bigging me up on your blog! Couldn't have done it without your encouragement. And that of Sybil, your life coach alter-ego!

    Enjoy your day and your writing ...



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