Walking Away

Walking Away

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The Christmas Cake

My 75 words for Christmas....... Today's 75-word tale is by Stella Turner. 'The christmas cake'
I submitted a 75 word Christmas themed story and to be honest it was dire. So I re-submitted the 75 words below and it was chosen for December 27th 2011. Sometimes I can be very lazy in my writing thinking anything is better than nothing but that is so wrong... Poor writing is always worthless. I'm enjoying reading the 75 words on paragraphplanet each day some are excellent, some are good and some are not so good. I'll leave the reader to decided where my 75 words fall. 
The Christmas cake; it’s too rich and too dark, I’ve always hated it. The little piece of plastic holly and the red ribbon around its midriff shouts out I’m posh not like the sponge fingers you put in the homemade trifle. I stab the fork through the hard Brussels sprout and dream of steamed vegetables. We look at each other trying to find hope for the future. Christmas spirit comes out of a bottle, cheers.

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