Walking Away

Walking Away

Monday, 2 January 2012


I'm trying to make as few resolutions as possible so I won't have too many to break. They are as follows

1) Knock my body into some sort of better shape physically and mentally
2) Talk only good about people, NO judgemental comments. (I'm hardly perfect myself, although sometimes I do think I am ..... :) 
3) Count three blessing every day
(Today's are: its not snowing, I'm not at work, a friend came to see me.)
4) Read more, write more.

I expect the best idea is never to make resolutions but a New Year brings a sense of new beginnings. Yesterday I sent off a flash fiction piece to be considered for WordGumbo sixth edition based on the theme 'Endings'. I'm sure it wont be successful but who knows. I loved the first paragraph, hope the editor likes the rest.

Happy New Year everyone.

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