Walking Away

Walking Away

Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday the 13th....

Friday the 13th was a good day for me as paragraphplanet put my 75 words on their blog. I think its far better than 'The Christmas Cake' which appeared on their blog on December 27th 2011.  See what you think. I'd appreciate any comments even if you think its dire :)  http://t.co/xOcwzIkq

Can you remember the first time? I nodded and paused. He began to remind me trying not to look hurt. It came flooding back. I added a few reminiscences and he seemed relieved. We laughed together, recalling how nervous we were, the things I’d asked him to do. We weren’t kids we were drawing our pensions. He looked deep into my eyes and I’m sure he saw me packing for my next adventure, travelling solo.

I also had the afternoon off work and went shopping. Bought a top, shoes and underwear for me and a trendy snood scarf for my son that had been reduced from £6 to a crazy £1.80 and amazingly he liked it. He has spent most of his adult life saying 'Mum don't buy me clothes, I never like them and you always have to take them back'. Funny how history repeats itself I remember dreading looking at things my Mum used to buy me. Now my mum and I are practically the same generation, she is 85 and I'm nearly an OAP (58 nearly 59) her purchases for me are nearly always perfect. I really hope I'm like my mum when I reach her age, she has an amazing memory and is still so youthful in her outlook. I truely hope to live to be 100 as long as I'm enjoying life. :)

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